Who wants to put it muddy boots on clean a window board?


Arrival St. Nicholas not just the reason for the child's joy.
Use it to clean your winter shoes in the middle of the season. Beautify them and instruct them… some they look like new

Do you know anyway why we clean shoes before December 6?

Why do we put the boots on the children's window?

The legend says it is saint Nicholas very early left without parents what he did not prevent to spread love and goodness around yourself. Everybody loved him.

There is a a few legends about him, among them and one tied to shoes. Which interests us wink

The legend says it is saint lived close a village in which there was a lot poor children which they did not have not enough clothes, and the toys could only dream of. They wore it a single pair the boots on which they were extremely careful. On name day saint they put it them on the windows. That evening Nikola would pass and everyone left the child wooden toy which is himself made it. 

Djeca iz legende imala su jedne čizmice koje su stalno laštili
The kids from the legend had one boots which are constantly cleaned


It's an ideal day to child learns and motivates you to clean your boots, and it would not be bad and clean yours. 

How to clean well leather boots and shoes?

Leather shoes and boots are the most common are a choice through autumn and winter. How they would not be - look beautiful and they do not pass water, while heating the legs at the same time.

How long would it last it needs them well maintained.

Follow these steps during cleaning of leather shoes and boots:

1. Remove the stains

Stains are not common on leather shoes, but you never know. Smudging shoeshappening on stupidest possible ways. 

Ink stains

If you are smudged with ink - it's very easy to try downloaded with acetone. Do not rub everything around but only on place stains because it would be ink could be diffuse.

After you've removed the stain clear the place with water, so with a dry cloth and apply a foot cream.

Other stains

Fat stains, stains of juice, a wee of strange composition in which you are stepped… stains on shoes are happening.

Mix in a cup a little lemon juice and whites - mix up when it does not become a paste. Apply on stain and let it work 30 minutes so quit.

This preparation use only and exclusively in a light shoes because Lemon can fade color.

2. Remove and clean the shoelace

If your shoes have shoelace, remove them and wash them - best in the washing machine. 

3. Remove the mud and trash

Prije svakog čišćenja maknite osušeno blato
Before everyone clean up dried mud

Leave mud to dry so take it off your boots soft brush. If you do is something get stuck for soles - like chewing - take it off :)

4.A little water and soap

No washing without a little water and soap. In one cup put in lukewarm water and a drop of mild detergent for a surcharge or liquid soap. Dip a textile cloth and wipe the boots or shoe from the outside.

5. Remove wet dry

After the wet cleaning with soap take another cloth, drenched only in water, and rinse the soap. Then take it dry cloth which will soak everything wet stains.

6. Shoe cream

Just like on your face after washing you put the cream, so on leather boots put the cream after washing. 

Well grease shoes and boots and let it dry.

You can buy a shoe cream, but you can do your own. In a cup stir linseed oil and vinegar in the ratio 2:1 (two finger oils and one finger of vinegar) - Leave it for 15 minutes.

After the cream you can wash your shoes if you want to shine, and after the home preparation - it would be very desirable. 

7. Dry your shoes and boots in the air

Shoe rays are always welcomed to get a little dried and vented of unpleasant odors
Do not leave them in the sun because the color could fade.

How to clean boots well and shoes made of crushed leather?

Cooler months they can be dry and we often carry sneakers, shoes and boots made of crushed leather.

And who went once in cleansing the brushed leathere knows how difficult it is keep such footwear

1. Impregnation- water protection 

Never enough Impregnation. If shoes still you are not impregnated or if it's new - protection is impregnation spray.

So shoes be resistant on the water, and your feet will be warm and dry.

After application impregnation agent, dry your shoes on room temperature.

2. Brushing the sliced skin

Crushed leather after long wearing knows how to look crushed and worn out, and dust is on her hunted as crazy.
That to return initial glow take shoe brush (soft) and gently brush your shoes otherwise cloth direction.

Brušenu kožu morate pažljivo četkati
Bruised skin you must carefully brush


Shoes should be completely dry, and brush do not go back and forth. Always brush in the same direction and shoes will already after the first treatment look like new.

3. Scraping butter knife

If you do torture darker and deeper prints on the shoes, take a walk to the kitchen and take a little duller knife- butter knife. It's easy scrape problematic area.

4. Deletion school eraser

An ordinary school eraser to erase it will erase almost every one stain on crusted skin.

Yes!- ordinary school eraser.Whoever have schoolboy-  has it at home. 
Eraser gently rub stain and hand shake pieces erasers.

5. Nail file

Nail file is great for moving stain from mud. Before that počnete file, you have to remove the mud. Let it dry! 

6. Sandpaper and for the boots

Sandpaper it's great tool for removal dark spots and stain from mud.
Make sure you it's about paper with supersmall granules with granulation 800, 1000 and more. And do not excessively to rub. 

7. Washing fatty stain shampoo

If you wear it of crushed leather greases- Do not be desperate. 

It'll be fine a mild shampoo for hair washing or shower gel.

Mix a few droplet shampoo with warm water and soak the sponge. Drain it the better possible and bust your shoes. After that dry them in the air, but not in the sun.

If the stains do not disappear with the first washing, before that give up try them wash it yet several times.

8. Plain water and Crushed leather

Crushed leather it is sensitive with water contact, so the smallest droplet will leave a stubborn stain on the shoe.

Maybe it sounds paradoxically, but to be fix stain from water it is necessary soak shoes right with water. But on proper way.

With a brush or cotton cloth apply a thin layer water on shoes. Crushed leather will darken, but do not worry because that is quite normal.

After that, dry sponge or cloth stamp by the shoe right until when it is excess water does not absorb, and traces the stain does not go away.

To be excess water absorbed and with internal side shoes, embed in her paper or paper towels. Avoid newspaper paper because it would be ink in the newspaper could mapped na cipele.

Leave them dry over night at dry and ventilated place and finally them brush with a brush for teeth to do return theirs original look.

9. Apple cider vinegar

Take apple or white vinegar and in him dip cotton cloth or towel and gently rub fleck. When the shoe is dry, rub it with a brush. 

This method isalso good for removal traces salt in winter days.
And do not worry because apple cider vinegar for yourself will not leaveand stains on the shoe.

10. Freeze the shoes if stuck chewing

If you are s cipelama by accident ran into on gum then them during the night put in a freezer.

Then hardened gum remove with a shoewith a shoe and at the end twist them brush.

11.Steam Shoes

Above the shoe hold the iron for the laundry and good steam.

Heat will open the pores on brushed leather so you can easily stain the stain. Then using a brush,abrasive paper ornail polishrub the stain until you remove it.

If you will follow everything the steps of your boots will be gleaming..  And no chance to give you let Krampus leave you in the jarwink

Saint Nicholasdonosi popuste :)