Who would want new adidas?

New models of famous sneakers with three lines they came in Modeline, and when we got them our heart jumped out of joy.
All these wonderful sneakers we've decided we are you present through blog, but also tell their Adidas stories.

Did you know that Adidas there existed for almost 100 years?

Now it's over 1920. passionate vicennial a German football player Adolph (Adi) Dassler he invented sneakers with stripes for athletes. 

Its life he dedicated mission making best sneakers for every discipline and succeeded in that. 
Adidas is one of the best producer professional sportswear and footwear, and in theirs sneakers for every day you could be without thoughts work off any training.

You just need it choose your own color from the line Gazelle, Superstar or Stan Smith. We come to you with their stories.

Adidas Superstar

Adidas Superstar sneakers they were first low basketball shoes. They had it rubber finger protection, they looked formidable and People they loved them first. 

They came up 1969. and  kicked the Convers sneakers with the NBA basketball leg. Their protective face he was Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and he put them on his feet 75% American Basketball Professionals. They could not resist new quality and hardsneakers  

They're fast adidas with basketball courts they came to the heated sidewalks New Yorka, and they wore it without tie. They are so many become popularthat's them hip-hop trio 1986. Run D.M.C. dedicated the song My Adidas.

Adidas Superstar so it became a compulsory part image hip-hop subcultures.

The model is popular today and you just have to choose your own color 

Adidas Superstar Adidas Superstar Adidas Superstar

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Adidas Stan Smith

Adidas Stan Smith sneakers have not always been called Stan Smith. 1965. for the first time produced for French tennis player Roberta Hailleta, and after he left it racket the sneakers were inherited American Stan Smith.
his name you know because it still is found in sneakers shoes

Stan Smith sneakers yet 1994. they went in Guinessovu the record book as the best-selling model. Namely, that year it was sold 23 million and 700 thousand pairs Smithica.

The most popular version is surely it white with green but you can find them in a different of other colors. 

Adidas Stan Smith Adidas Stan Smith Adidas Stan Smith

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Adidas Gazelle

Gazellice they are surely the most spectacular model by which Adidas can commend.This model of sneakers was considered the symbol of the whole subculture such as reggae, britpop, grunge, ultras, hiphop... 

You all saw that picture Bob Marleya how he enjoys in the supporting side things in the world hitting the ball exactly Gazell sneakers. Fashion industry the nineties on the wave heroin chic trend she got strong the support in these sneakers, and from then on to today they did not fall into oblivion.

First Gazellice they are still 1966. years thrown out on the market as functional sports footwear. But we saw how Adidas does not make a problem with skipping fences of the original targeted audienceand enter the streets, playgrounds, school and parks.

Adidas Gazelle Adidas Gazelle Adidas Gazelle

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If choose Adidas sneakers, you have chosen much more than a shoe. Adidas is a kind of cultural phenomenon. Wear these comfortable sneakers the thing is attitude and we think it's clear to everyone. Wear Adidas and dare to be different.


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