It is summer, by spring, ideal time to wear a sneaker.

If you dress code it allows,at work you do not have to torture in shoes or if you are a woman in uncomfortable shoes on high heel or sandals, you can already simply be in their my favorite sneakers.

Really, if you can, during the hot months in addition to other comfortable footwear; ballet shoes, heelssandals and moccasins, wear

And the possibilities are really great.

Ako vam dress code dozvoljava, na poslu se ne mučite u cipelama, već obujte najdraže tenisice
If the dress code permits you, at work do not be tormented  in shoes, yet wear favorite shoes


When we choose the sneakers we have to ask for that purpose we need them.

Choose therefore sneakers to his leg, and of course, type, purpose and personality.

Sneakers are today many more of the funds for sport and recreation.

Still, there is a big difference between running shoes, those for leisure, and casual sneakers which are serious enough to wear them and to work.

All the more popular are sneakers which are aesthetic very similar to shoes, which gives them something severity, but in the end ends, they are still sneakers, so they feel lighter in them, freely and more relaxed.

Still, and the sneakers in which is polite go to work, should be paired with adequate clothes pieces.

To make it easier around and be ready for summer wear shoe, we bring you 10 a pair of sneakers, per 5 male and 5 women's, which this summer you can do without hesitation conscience even carry in the office.

Tenisice su danas mnogo više od sredstva za sport i rekreaciju
Sneakers are much more today of funds for sport and recreation


Popular brandssuch as Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Reebok, Tom Tailor and many others, offer a lot different models.

Here's how we narrowed down the selection:

Men's sneakers for all opportunity

Adidas Originals Superstar

One of the most famous sneakers one of the most famous world brands created yet far 1987. years.

Since the 80's gained glory, many of them, osobito starije generation, most remember per endurance and legendary three lines.

Today they are exceptional popular among teenagers, but it does not say anything, because if you want to get them to work, with a pair of modern jeans and plaid shirt, hit.

Nike Air Max

Nike Air Max sneakers soon to love those who simultaneously they want to be sporty and elegant.
They are also incredibly soft and airy, what makes them perfect for going to work in the summer.

Lacoste Alisos

If this summer you want to work be perfectly dressed, and that they are not solemn shoes, these Lacoste Alisos black sneakers low profile are created for you.

Quality making of skin top quality the guarantor is good shoes, and, furthermore, for neutral colors you will be able to perfect combine with different styles and happy summer colors.

Tommy Hilfiger

In white black Tommy Hilfiger sneakers attract will attention to where you go this summer.

They are comfortable and airy, yet solid enough.

You can combine them with jeans but also with ceremonial pants, and after a hard day you can walk in them park or on a city street.

S’Oliver casual sneakers

If your boss insists not to come to work in classic sneakers, against these beautiful S’Oliver blue sneakers, he can not say anything.

They are serious enough to pass like shoes, but they are much lighter and airier they will in them much easier will be the end of it working time.

The whole upper part is from the skin, which additionally emphasizes their quality and longevity.

Women's sneakers unrivaled

All Star Converse

Canvas shoes with rubber jumper with a signature All Star Converse so simple and versatile that everyone should wear them, no matter what the years, sex, status, clothing style, listen or folk or metal.

That's not a miracle to be every one 43 seconds in the world sold one pair "Convers", and a great possibility to, while reading this article, nand you have these shoes at your feet.

Therefore, worked as a professor in school, curator in the museum or controller in streetcar, in these sneakers no one will ask you nothing reprimand.

Tamaris sneakers

These silver sneakers brand Tamaris so many of us it impresses that we have them had to put it on this list.

At the same time maximum are simple and excessive.

To work them you can to wear with casual pants or light summer skirt.

Adidas Originals Superstar

Adidas Originals Superstar, as well as in the male category, simply must be on the list.

Is that them more likes younger audience, but this cream model with gold “cap” it fits perfectly and to something older population.

Business outfit will not be less impressive if you heels or ballerinas replace the legendary Originalsicama.

Lacoste Lancelle

Because they are breathable and light, are similar to shoes, so they are ideal for hot summer asphalt.

Great design and Lacoste quality guarantee are that will this summer, especially that working part, spend maximum comfortably.

Tommy Hilfiger Gold

You can do these sneakers without fear of ugly views boss wear to work from two reasons; the first is because it is written on them Tommy Hilfiger, and others because they are gold! :)

Made perfect skin ratio and textiles for maximumu comfort. 

Kada birate tenisice odaberite ih prema svojoj nozi, te naravno, tipu, namjeni i osobnosti
When you choose the sneakers, choose them according to their leg, and of course, type, purpose and personality

If you would change something in our choice, look at what else sneakers you can wear to work.

choose the perfect sneakers :)