They clutched my shoes, and I have to dance, They clutched my shoes, but stand for five.

That's right , about twenty years ago Sanja Doležal sang, just as well, just a little more painful tones,each of us at least once  u životu sang when he bought too little too tight, or insufficiently soft and comfortable shoes.

 The consequences were callosity, aand most commonly aching  callosity  because of which we were most comfortable in the next couple of days - naked leg.

How would this not happen to you anymore? , we offer a couple of free tips  about what to do when an opportunity shoe orders  or sneaker from your favorite webshop,  stigne obuća shoes arrived not exactly in your measure.

Because of its firm texture and material shoes , sandals  or boots Women, but also men, can sometimes suffer a lot.


However, there are a few tricks Which you can export to save a thing and (at least) little stretched shoes or Ballet shoes  

to make you better fit.

Zbog čvrste teksture i materijala cipela, sandala ili čizmi žene, ali i muškarci, mogu ponekad jako patiti
Because of its firm texture and shoe materials  sandals or boots of women , but also men, can sometimes suffer a lot 

The Potato is a jackpot 


Maybe it sounds incredible , but potatoes can expand your  small shoes  ili  sneakers.

The strategy is the next; Peel medium sized potatoes and put them in the shoe.

Leave it in your shoes overnight so the shoe will stretch out a bit.



Namely, juice from potatoes  will work in direct contact with the material.


This technique works on the skin,suede, but also other materials.

hair dryer for leather shoes


Technique is only for leather shoes. 

Hairdryer, Heat up your skinfor about one minute, while she does not soften. Then wear shoeson a thick sock  and so you walk around the house until the skin cools down. 

Overheated fingers will be a small price your perfect shoe  ili još bolje - or even better 

Tehnika fenom vrijedi samo za kožnu obuću
Technique is only for leather shoes

The bag , water and ice


Also an effective technique for everyone who little printed fingers.

Maybe the safest technique,  since its base has one of the basic rules of physics.

With ordinary plastic freezer bags  and water you can do a real little podvig. 

Therefore, bag  fill with water and try to squeeze as much air out of it. 

Whether it is sandals,closed or half-closed shoes, shoes , loafers  or any other pair of shoes, the procedure is the same

Put a bag filled with water in the shoe and all together "save" in the freezer  for at least 24 hours.

The water will freeze in the form of shoes  and they will be stretched for constant pressure ice on them


You can repeat this method several times, as long as the shoes do not stretch enough.

Alcohol lifts

We do not think we should give advice here to drink alcoholic beverages  as long as you no longer feel the pain in your legssurprise.


The story is much cheaper and less painful.Trim the shoe, inside, mix the alcohol and water mixture at 50:50 and rub.


After that,  wear thick socks and  wear your shoes 20  minute.

Alcohol willSoften the material and lead to its stretch. 

This technique works best on real skin  and you will feel that our sprayed is softer and more knowledgeable.

Pomoću obične plastične vrećice za smrzavanje i vode možete učiniti pravi mali podvig
With the help of the usual plastic freezer bags and water you can make a real podium

Wet socks

soak the socks, water and drain dry off.


In the shopush as much as you can wet socks  and allow it to dry for at least one day. 


As the socks are dried, the shoes will expand and stretch.


The newspaper

If you do not want to soak your socks, after reading it  favorite text  – try the same technique with the newspapers.

The procedure is the same. So, soak up the newspaper , but not too much to do it , fasten them as much as you can in your shoe and allow them to dry. 

And now when you know how to help, you can take care of buying new shoes.


find perfect shoes that do not callosity