You remember when they were wearing the early nineties Abibas sneakers? Or Adibas four-line sneakers?

At that time, we did not have any choice. It was Abibas or nothing, the comment of the proud owners was: They do not even see that they are not original

It was seen, seen…  

Since then, more than two decades have passed,and the thing with forged sneakers has become quite different. 

The factories where they are counterfeit products have advanced technology so you did fake adidaske very difficult to distinguish from the original

How could this not have happened to you, we made for you a little guide to everything to pay attention to make sure they are Adidaske true or forged. 

1. The sign on the fifth

Most of the five-sneakers have an additional sign. It's about triangular leather above the heel. In the original Adidaski this character is somehow set up.
Also, a thread with which sewing does not strike which is the case with most counterfeiters adidaski.

2. How are the straps packed?

Most adidaski is coming with another pair of hooks in the box. Plagiars also know this. 
Than… with original sneakers and these are the suits very nice and neatly packed in the box while truncated straps are a possible sign fake adidaski.

However, this rule only applies to models Adidas sneakers that even have extra ties.  

3. Metallic threaded holes provide a copy

Prave Adidas enidice nemaju metalne rupice za vezice

Real Adidas sneakers they do not have metal hose nipples. Only if you buy somesecond hand vintage sneakers. 

Another good thing about these metal tapping holes is that they easily fall if you pull them too hard.

Therefore, metal hose nipples, it's certainly about counterfeit sneakers. 

4. Wrong sewing shoes

Adidas is known for high quality material and neat and precise sewing on leather shoes. But if you hold it in your hand Adidas a sneaker that has uneven seams or stitches that strikes is most likely to be a forged tennis player. 

Also, the skin of fake sneakers it's a lot brighter of the skin original sneakers. Plus how skinny is thinner, on the front of the sneaker it is often seen that the thumb is off. 

5. Two different serial numbers on the left and right

Do you know the simplest way to figure out whether the sneakers are original? By serial number. Actually, by different serial numbers.
Namely, the original adidas have a different serial number on the left and on the right. 

6. How is a logo created?

Logo na Adidas tenisicama

Logo on original sneakers has never been glued to the sneaker. Or it has been imported or has been pressed or sewn,depends on the model. 
The logo on the fake is they are quickly erased from the sneakers.  

Is the price of the factor in determining whether the sneakers is falsified?

Price can, but it does not have to be a factor in determining counterfeit sneakers. Someone can chouse counterfeited by“a legal” price. 

And also, at many discounts offered and outlet the price of original sneakers can be up to 80 percent lower. 

That's why shoes are best to buy in authorized and verified stores like Modelinea 


find a real one adidas for yourself