It's always a miracle to take out new expensive shoes from the box, so perfect, clean, as if from a shop window... but better, because they are yours! However, in order for them to remain as beautiful as possible for as long as possible, it is necessary to take care of their proper maintenance. Maintenance is important for all types of shoes, but it is perhaps the most important for boots. During the winter months, the boots are exposed to low temperatures, higher humidity, often even salt from thawed asphalt. And although new collections pull us every winter to afford a new pair of boots, we would still like them to last us a few more years. That's why in this blog we will give you some tips and tricks how keep your boots in the best possible condition.

Save the box! 

We know, they take up space, it's impractical to store and take them out... but for some more expensive pieces, trust us, it's worth the effort. Some boots just don't deserve to be crumpled in the shoe cabinet, where they can be displayed scratching against other shoes, dirt and dust. Boots are often too tall or too bulky for standard cabinets, which can lead to deformation of their shape.

It's a good idea to keep the box for all shoes, not just the more expensive ones - you'll find all the details on it proper way of maintenance is requiered, in order to avoid accidents later when trying to clean. It is certainly best to store the boots in their original box at the end of the season so that they can spend their summer sleep as happily as possible and ready see you next fall!

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Regular cleaning

Regardless of the season and weather conditions, the first step in maintaining boots is definitely regular cleaning. Soiling "draws" more soiling - any kind of dirt is easier to receive on an already soiled or dusty surface than on a clean one. Depending on the material of the boots, it is safest to clean them in the way indicated on the box. Most common stains can be washed with a soft cloth with a little water, and if it is about leather boots, you will need a soft brush to clean the leather. In addition to removing impurities, the skin brush and cream will restore the skin's shine and help it look like new for a longer time. Caring for leather boots is not complicated, but it is extremely important for their long-term happy wear - find all the details about successful leather shoe care in the blog How to properly maintain leather shoes!

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Moisture protection

Water is one of the main and most common enemies of boots, especially leather ones. Damp or wet skin is more susceptible to cracking, changing its shape and texture, and therefore receiving stains that are more difficult to get rid of. That's why the golden rule applies to humidity “better safe than sorry”. Protect your leather boots before the first wear by applying impregnation, and then reapply that protection after every dozen wears. You can use it for polished leather impregnation sprays, while boots made of smooth leather can be treated with special creams or waxes against moisture. 

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Natural drying

Whether they are wet from outside conditions or from cleaning, the boots never do not dry in direct sunlight, on a radiator or any heaters. Instead, leave them to dry naturally, at room temperature, or possibly in the air if it is not too cold or humid outside - for example when preparing them for storage at the end of the season. Even then, do not expose them to the sun, but put them in the shade and in a place sheltered from the wind.

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Watch out for heels and high boots!

If it is about boots with a heel, special attention should be paid to the heels, which are their most sensitive part. Check them regularly and repair them when necessary. In most cases, with heel boots you will also receive replacement caps, that is, heel tips that you can replace when the original ones wear out. If you do not notice that they are close to being worn out, there is a possibility of major damage to the heel itself. 

With high boots, knee-high or higher, the most important thing is to keep their shape. If they "fall" while not being worn, damage may occur at the point of breakage, which will irreversibly destroy the aesthetic appearance of the boots, and perhaps even impair their comfort. Therefore, be sure to "fill" them while you are not wearing them, either with the cardboard inserts that came with them when you bought them, or if you have thrown them away, crumpled newspapers can also be used.


We know how much you love them when they first arrive in your wardrobe, and there's no reason for your boots to lose their charm any time soon! With proper maintenance, they can look beautiful and new for a long time!