When the stars  such as  Sarah Jessica Parker or Lady Gaga  they go through the red carpet   and the hours stand in dazzling high heels

it seems to be something quite simple. 

But for most of us, this is an impossible mission. 

We barely surviveand a few hours in high heels before the foot stops and we have to remove the heels .

So how does it work?


We decided to investigate a little 

To this problem and in the following we bring 7 tricks to survive in high heels :)

1.Do not buy too big  or too little shoes 

You Shopping Store   and the only heels    which caught to your eye are or are too narrow and printed or too narrow 

"Little dance" on the leg?

Do not be fooled how the shoes will be too small spread or how you will fill a few pads fill the empty shoe space

When you try shoes  you have to feel balanced, and the foot should have good support throughout the shoe.  That means you need a shoe that's right for you.

If your shoes do not match, do not buy them  because otherwise you will most likely regret it. 


Only who will profit than to buy too small or too big   shoes are your friends  which will inherit them ;)

2.Think about comfort when buying shoes

The heel may not  be 18 cm highto feel seductive and beautiful.  Seksepil will be very easy to get and with a smaller heels or much more stable and a more comfortable platform.

Why wear uncomfortable heels if you can look good on platforms too?

Fortunately, the platforms are again very "in",  and your feet provide much better support and weight distribution. So when you want a full-time partyin high heels, select the platform. In our web shop you have a great choice ;)

If you like to heels  ,select those with a thicker and more stable fifth.

3. For the first pair of heels choose less heels

If you are a beginner in a wearing a pair of heels,  our recommendation is to raise the heel height gradually. 


At the beginning, however, you can easily maintain balance  on smaller heels and it is more likely that you will not Strained your ankle .

And with ankles there is no joke!

For beginners in the heels is the best low heel

4.Gazit your shoes well and practice

If you were encouraged and bought more heels, we recommend that practice walking at home.You might feel a little silly when  walking in a home-made bathrobe and new heels ,but your feet will be grateful to you.

First, the feet will be strengthened , and you heels  will become soft so there is much less chance  to you pinched off.

In addition to walking in the heels ,you can also do the next exercise with the help of a chair.


Take the chair to yourself and hands rely on your back. Raise your fingers   so keep the heels in the air  and let down your heels after a few seconds.  Repeat this exercise several times. 

You will be surprised how much you will have a better balance in the heels :)

5.Get the gel  pads for high heels 

how to heels make it more comfortable  and rasteretiles foot pressure , get a gel pad for your feet.

You can get them in almost every drugstore or pharmacy , and their use will reduce the pain in your fingers , heels and the whole foot.

When buying  select pads one which you can wash with water and soap. This will provide you with hygiene,

but also the comfort of wearing everyday shoes. 

And do not bother how this pad is bad looks pasted  in your beautiful heels  and put comfort in the first place. 

6. Must have in a purse: spray against  pains and patches 


You're awaiting a crazy ride .

Is your best friend getting married or celebrating a diploma?

It does not matter either. The most important thing is that your are favorite  heels ready for an all-night party and dance.

Though you are sure you can dance all night  in your most comfortable and dearest  heels  It would be good if you were ready for all possible surprises. 

That's why in the purse make sure you put it  spray against  pain in the legs and emergency patches. 

If you are in trouble in the middle of the night  legs just sprinkle your feet with a refreshing spray  J.R. Watkins which you can get on Amazon for ten dollars.


That'll give you a little trick secure  a few more hours of dance.

7. Invest on quality footwear

Good couple any footwear will provide to you  feet have significant comfort   so even when it comes to heels . 

For quality heels  quality material is also required   so avoid cheap plastic and rubber  in which the feet will sweat , so be prepared to allocate more money. 

It makes no sense to buy cheap shoes  which you will after one wearing just want to 

forget how uncomfortable they are.

Advice fo the end
When buying a pair of heels  always be careful That the heel comes out exactly from the middle of the heel .

To make the heels comfortable
they must be of good quality , nd the heel should go right out of the middle of the heel


If that is not the case , you will have trouble  with balance maintenance and painful feet.


After you have read these couple of tips well ,it's time to shop  :)

That's why you visit us because we really have a varied selection of heels   - od low, pointy,open, tall…

you will see by themselves :)

find comfortable heels