Everyone is uncomfortable when it comes up and nobody likes it.

But, every little surprise us and it's just in an unlucky moment.

Clear, it's an unpleasant smell or better to say odor from the shoe or sneakers.

Although he is characteristic for spring and summer months, when our legs are more sweating, this does not have to be a rule.

And in autumn and winter months, this can represent a problem for many, especially when we are in shoes throughout the day.

Namely, your favorite shoes will after all-day wear definitively withdraw unpleasnet smell.

Therefore, smell it at all does not have to talk about bad hygiene your feet, već on sweat compound in shoes what creates perfect environment for bacterial growth.

Stoga,for all those who have a problem with an unpleasant odor from the shoe, a fear that washing in the washing machine stay without your favorite shoes,  here are 7 tips to solve these unnecessary inconveniences.

1.Baking soda

In the interior of the sneaker or shoes put a little bit of baking soda and leave it overnight or while soda does not 'absorb' unpleasant smells from the inside of the sneaker.

Stay out in the morning or brushpowder from the shoes and you did it a big step to make you an unpleasant smell out of footwear, at least for some time, will no longer follow.

Vaše omiljene cipele će nakon cjelodnevnog nošenja definitivno povući neugodan miris
Your favorite shoes will definitely overcome an unpleasant smell after all-day wear

2. Alcohol

If you existione liquid which bacteria they hate the most, it's alcohol.

It is quite clear that bacteria and alcohol do not go together and that is a good reason why should we use alcohol as medicine againstunpleasant smells in shoes.

Besides the fact that he can help remove the scent of the shoe, it can also act as disinfectant which he can kill bacteria and remove dirt At the same time, especially after a busy day at work.

In a vial with a sprayer mix it up alcohol, water and a couple of essential oil drops lemon or orange and spray the inside of the shoes and let it go completely dry.

Just be careful with alcohol too do not moisten outer shoe or sneakers, especially if it is made of the skin, because aggressive properties of alcohol can damage the skin.

Then leave your shoes coated with alcohol in the area where it is sufficient amount of air which will help to bacteria disappeared.

You can use this method whenever you want, and depends on the frequency of shoe carrying.

3. Freeze

If not after soda biscuits and alcohol the scent of your shoes continues to be stubborn, you can have yours favorite shoes - freeze.

Leave overnight or for a few days sneakers or shoes in freezer, but in a well-protected bag.

Low temperatures should kill the bacteria which are the cause of unpleasant smells.

This is definitely one of the best ways to unpleasant smell out of your shoes you say goodbye.

4. Change your socks

Nothing can stop it bad odor from the shoes better than wearing clean cotton socks.

Some people they do not like to wear socks at all, especially on the sneakers in the summer months, but it does will not look good na vašu obuću.

By a decision like short socks the leg will be in hot days easier to breathe, and the sneaker will stay cleaner.

  • be sure to always wear clean socks;
  • always wear socks, regardless of weather conditions;
  • wash your socks thoroughly after use;
  • not recommended wear the same pair of socks repeatedly.
Ako koristite alkohol, pazite da previše ne navlažite vanjski dio cipele, pogotovo ako je od kože
If you use alcohol, be careful not too much moisten the outer part of the shoe, especially if it's skin

5. Replace the insole

If it is insolefrom shoes or sneakers damaged, throw it and replace it with new ones.

Maybe they did bacteria settled on the damaged part insole and cause stench.

6. H andkerchief for a laundry dryer

Help fight with an unpleasant smell in shoes I can be and mirisne maramice which are used in the clothes dryer.

In the shoe, sneakers or boots put one scented handkerchief for a clothes dryer and leave it in the shoe as long as you do not wear them.

Handkerchief will absorb excess moistureand leave a pleasant smell.

Uz pomoć sode bikarbone napravili ste velik korak da vas neugodan miris iz obuće neće pratiti
With help soda biscuits you made a big step to make you an unpleasant smell the shoes will not be tracked

7. Black tea bags

Effective method against bacteria in the shoes it is the use of black or green tea bags.

Namely,main why tea can be effectiveis his content.

Black and green tea contain tannin, bitter plant polyphenolic compound which binds and adsorb on proteins and many others organic compounds, including amino acids and alkaloids, and is very effective and in killing bacteria.

  • put tea bag in boiling water for a few minutes;
  • Take it out and let it go cool for about 5 minutes before putting on shoes;
  • leave a tea bag in a shoe for 1 hour;
  • wipe excess juice who put the bag on the shoe, dry and proudly carryyour clean shoes.

And now when you know how to fight with an unpleasant smell in shoes, it's time to do it reward you with the new one autumn shoes.

fragrant autumn shoes wink