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So briefly we can describe ballerinas - an unavoidable piece of shoes in every women's closet.

Ballerinas are a great alternative uncomfortable high heels and it is a great thing that can be wear on all occasions.

From formal to casual.

Below we bring 5 ideas for irresistible styling in ballerinas.

1. Ballerinas and pants to the ankle

Ballerinas look great on the pants to the ankle. Too long trousers in combination with ballerinas they could visually shorten your legs so avoid them.

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2. Ballerinas and tight trousers or tights

Ballerinas will look great on tight pants or leggings. Avoid wearing them on pants carrot cut. This combination could visually shorten the legsi make the middle part of the body look wider.

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3.  Ballerinas and long dresses or skirts

Ballerinas they can look great in combination with long dresses or long fluttering skirts. This styling can be very distinctfeminine and romantic, but caution is required. In the lower girls can make that figure looks stocky. Narrow, long skirts in combination with ballerinas should be avoided.

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4. Ballerinas and shorts and skirts

Favorite summer combination domestic and foreign trendsetter they are definite ballerinas and shorts, respectively ballerinas and short skirts. These combinations are best suited high and middle high girls and everyone who feels good in them :)

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5. Ballerinas and wide pants

Ballerinasit will not look good on too long pants, but a combination ballerinas and some pants models it could be a hit. Wide pants in combination with ballerinas they can be good casual or a business combination. It all depends on which model you choose.

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Whatever style to choose,It is important that you feel good and relaxed in it, as in ballerinas really is not difficult:)

That's why many of us have several a pair of ballerinas for irresistible combinations. 

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