Are you thinking about starting to run? Are you already which way to go?

Running is a great sport. When run working all body, it's a sport in which you lose most calories, work on shape and simultaneously enter something meditatively state and relax the ghost.

Getting started is really difficult. Make yourself to run streets city and even on light jogging at the park or by the river it's a damn job. 

Besides, in the beginning running really it can be difficult and demotivating. Run out only one hundred or two meters, breath is shallow, and your legs are already hurting you… 

It is important to do not give up during these first training, but also have great sneakers to run. Buying good sneakers to run pright is motivation for one more new training, especially if they look good laugh

The look of the sneaker it's always important to us, but sneakers for running you have to choose according to some rules. 

We will not here write about picking snekaers for professionals and serious amateurs but for all ordinary men and women who they are serious think about starting the run. 

How to choose running shoes? 

1. Notice how you run

It's important to know how to run and that part of the foot first comes in contact with the ground. Some people are running so theirs the front of the foot first touches the ground while others make it the heel. 

If you're a runner with the front part the foot is coming first pay attention to the sneakers they have comfortable pads on that part, and the back front of the leg needs support on the back of the foot.

Nike Air max tenisice dobar su izbor za "petaše"

Nike Air max sneakeRS

2. The shape of the footbridge is important for the choice sneakers

Foot shape also affects the choice of sneakers. People who they have straight or flat the feet need a little bigger and more stable sneakers while people with bigger bow feet they need rounded sneakers.

The size of your bow you can easily check it and so-called wet test. Just dampen your foot and print on the newspaper. It'll print you Show how high a bow you have.

3. In Sneakers should be places

Running shoes must be comfortable and good “shut” foot from all sides. It's also important to wear sneakers to run be half the number to a greater number. During running legs lightly swell and they need extra space. Have you ever seen the nails of a marathon or marathon runner? They are not the most beautiful. From constant tapping some nails waste or they are simply stuffed.

4. Choose leisurely sneakers

Running shoes they must be light, the ankles must be free. Sneakers that are  too cumbersome are not good for running. It is possible to run them, but not very good.


Skechers sneakers

5. Try the sneakers until they talk to you

Sneakers should feel good. When trying out at the shop try a few model and decide for the ones most comfortable for you even though you you do not like it a lot of that color. And do something sporty to try out the sneakers smiley To get a good impression on the first one.



And for the end, we just want to tell you not to give up running. And even if give up you will have great sneakers which will be great look at jeans and leggings. 

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