Flats are comfortable and flat shoes that match every woman. Leather or canvas they are ideal choice for spring, summer and early autumn. 
This type of shoe love every girl and woman. They never leave the mode, and equally good complement fluttering skirt, long or short dress  or jeans. 
We know at least five reasons why every woman in your table for shoes have some steamed ballerinas (and there is always room for a new couple).

1. Ballerinas are feminine

High heels are the most feminine are of all kind of footwear. When you see woman which is perfectcombine skirt and high heels or three-quarters jeans- that's it! Than, every woman which walk in high heels, must admit to thousands steps in heels are not the most despicable thing in the world.


Balerinke su ženstvene cipele
Flexx balerinke

Feminine Flexx ballerinas

They come ballerinas. They are comfortable and feminine. They make that little, but important difference between girls from neighborhood which is jumped to stores and girls which is out on night out. 

2. Ballerinas, shoes for every opportunity

Ballerinas is the most universal shoes the most universal shoes that exist. With them you can go to the coffee in the city with society, you can do them right combination dress for the wedding, and you will not look very settled if with the same pair you go to the store. 

Balerinke za casual look

Ballerinas are tailored to everyone outfitu , that's their magic.  At the same time elegant, casual, challenging and serious. 

3. Ballerinas are practical for business women

In the business world there are specific dress rules. In the Croatian courtroom you can not just get in if on your feet have flip-flops, too short skirt or dress which reveals too much.


Balerinke za posao
Formentini balerinke
For work  Formentini Ballerinas

Banks also to their employees determine the type shoes that they need to wear, And nor on business meeting you just can come  in any slippers.
Ballerinas that's why  ideal for work when the temperature rises. You can  and easily take off under the table when no one is watching 

4. The color of  ballerinas reveals their purpose

Gold or silver ballerinas the right choice for the evening out. Ballerinas strong color or interesting patterns can spice monotonous outfit,and black, brown or dark blue ballerinas the choices are for business look.

Šarene balerinke
Desigual balerinke

Colorful Desigual ballerinas

5. With the ballerinas legs look nice

How do you look at the ballerinas feet?? Although are feet these dancers are often wounded, hard and full of blushes, wrapped in ballerinas they look beautiful and feminine.

Balerina pleše

Shoes like ballerinas they were made according to them and follow that idea design in which shows female foot on sensitive and a sophisticated way. 
When you choose ballerinas, choose a model that is not too big, it will look awkward. Ballerinas they have to be the right size. 
They must not be too tight because how will you then in them dance all summer?  

Dance IN Ballerinas