Do you like November? We love it because then we can present 100 percent of the best pieces from the autumn collection of shoes we've gently collected in their wardrobes. And even when we were thinking of all the boots that go over the knees, November was "weeping".

The temperatures are above the high altitude, and most of the city's squares are in some bright tones that still dominate the sneakers, while the desire to wear boots is growing. Luckily, somebody invented the ankles and polucisms that also perfectly dress up with short autumn skirts, dresses and jeans. And best of all, they are consistent with these semi-cold (or semi-warm) autumn days.

Što se nosi na Instagramu?

Girls and boys from the fashion and influential world have been lurking for some time with autumn photos and imaginative combinations. Interestingly, all that is being borne on Instagram becomes popular with the speed of lightning.

Since there are social networks, the changes really come quickly, no matter where the part of the earthball sphere is. It is only possible in a few minutes to change someone's fashion style or give him inspiration.

We in Modeline respect the diversity and truly are great fans of individual styles, but this time we have decided to share the latest trends that this autumn should not overlook.

Check out what shoes this autumn is most desirable on social networks, and in which fashion combination you will get the most look.

Warning: All shoes are irresistible and maximum comfortable 

1# True motorcycle boots

The motorist style of the streets of the government every season, no matter what kind of trend the fashion enthusiasts have. The colors and materials of the motorcycle jackets change, but motorcycle boots always remain one - black and leather.

Along with motor boots, rivets, metal buckles and other details that match the royal style

Motorističke kožne čizme


2#The animal pattern is a hit

This year's models of ankle boots and boots came back to us at a time when we believed animal print would never return. Suddenly, Instagram had a "snake" fever. You definitely could not see it. In addition to the snake pattern, we also wear the leopard.

Warm and fur fashion this year is again trendy so the jackets and fur boots are back again.

We do not suspect that the animal pattern is the biggest trend this season so you can expect a winter animal collection on your Instagram news feed.

Čizme s animal printom


3#Boots from the Wild West

Boots from the wild west are, you know, the cowboy style. They can actually be worn all year long, but they are certainly the ultimate trend of this transitional period. If you combine them with a denim, you already know that you have hit, but go one step further and combine the cowboys with a very delicate silk or velvet gown and add a motorcycle jacket.

Cowboy cakes and animal prints, as well as rokers style. And be sure to keep them, you will need it in the spring. 

Kaubojske čizme


4# Rubber boots can be chic

Autumn is overwhelming, and rubber boots are really practical and ideal for a period in which you do not know whether or not the rain will rain or will continue to sunt the sun.

You can go to work or walk around the city, and are great for playing with kids and jumping around the jetties. 

Although they were once worn only on farms and for work in the field or stand, today's fashion has brought us to a position where we do not even think of entering horses.

They are warm and comfortable, especially when they are still padded and the best pouch with skinny pants that you can easily paddle into your boots.

Gumene čizme


5# Metal details are top

If you want to carry all of these styles in a totally fancy version, metal details will definitely raise your look. Along with rivets, pearls, chains, and with velvety ties and flowers, each of the garments is carrying.

The buckle and rivet trend has been a fashion imperative for city streets for several years now, and it's incredible how effective they look in every combination.

Čizme s metalnim uzorcima



Today it's really easy to combine different styles and get a fantastic photo. Fashion bloggers and social network influencers thus spread the "infection" of good taste and "be well trained" more easily than ever.

But, to be really special, you have to point out, so we certainly recommend you build your style according to your rules. It always falls!