There are countless types of dresses and almost as many different models of shoes. Fortunately, the days of strict outfit rules are over and the following applies: according to today's fashion rules, almost anything is allowed! But if you want to be on the safe side, you'll often wonder which shoes really go with which dress.

It's not always easy to find the right shoes to go with your favorite dress. If you lack inspiration or have no idea how to successfully combine your favorite dress with sandals, ballerinas, sneakers, flip flops or flip flops, just follow our tips and you'll look like a million dollar girl!

#1  Flat shoes are a powerful choice for any occasion

There are opportunities, such as business meetings, formal dinners or formal ceremonies, which somehow require a heeled shoe. A super high heel might not be the first choice, but a block heel, which has been a real hit in the last few years, would certainly be a practical choice.

However, this is also changing, especially in the eyes of practical and fashionable lovers who do not want to agree to compromises. Who says a comfortable shoe can't leave a wow effect?

Flat shoes without heels, in addition to being comfortable, can be - and are - very wow. And they can be worn with all lengths of dresses, and they look especially good in combination with mini-lengths.

Udobnost ravne sandale i elegancija kratkog ljetnog komada odličan su par.

They are also excellent in combination with a maxi dress, for example, a long summer dress and flat sandals - they are a hit!

A trendy midi dress, in combination with flat heels, and especially with casual white tennis shoes, can definitely look fantastic.

Sneakers are true all-round talents and go well with feminine dresses. Plain white sneakers are always a good choice, as are platform sneakers.

Flat shoes look fantastic on absolutely any occasion, from daily business when any of the mentioned models can be paired with an appropriate dress, to those more formal events when flat shoes with a strap on the heel will look phenomenal with a dress.

#2  Shorter dress - lower heel and vice versa

According to some unwritten rule, you will pair a shorter skirt or dress with a low heel. This is especially true when it comes to everyday combinations.

A short dress and sky-high heels isn't exactly the best combination ever, is it? That's why you will combine skirts and dresses above the knee length with ballerinas i moccasins or your favorite sneakers. 

Ein Midikleid und Schuhe mit Absatz sind eine tolle Kombination für den Abend.

Casual sneakers and a simple midi dress will always be a fantastic choice for a daily combination. On the other hand, you can pair a midi dress with a heeled shoe.

Whether you opt for platforms, flatforms, or something else, any heeled shoe will look better with a dress that covers most of the leg.

#3 Play with colors

Indulge yourself in experimenting with colors this season.

When considering colored footwear, it's best to apply some color theory to help decide what to wear. Orange and blue are complementary colors, which means that when paired together, they look great! Choose a blue dress that will look fantastic with orange shoes

Ako iskoristite teoretsko znanje iz gornjeg paragrafa, koju boju majice/bluze bi odabrali uz plavu cipelu na petu?

Silver footwear, which is very effective in itself, will look fantastic if you combine it with white, red, black, indigo blue or neutral tones.

If you're still struggling with the colors that go best with your dress, know that you can never go wrong with a nude shade.

Leather-colored shoes they go with any accent color like red, cobalt blue or pink. Besides being excellent partners to any outfit, your legs will look longer.

Tip + Don't use one color from head to toe. If you wear a blue blouse and a blue skirt, avoid wearing blue shoes.

In the end, we can conclude that strict rules really don't exist anymore. But one thing is certain:

"Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world." - Marilyn Monroe


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