These days you couldn't miss the TV commercials about perfect Christmas gifts for her and him and the one about soft and hard gifts. But what exactly is the perfect gift and does it even exist?

Perfect gifts given by those who think about Christmas already in October. If you have such a friend or family member, you are very lucky. They give away the purse you are looking for played a prize game, and you didn't win it or personalized gifts handmade to order at least a month and a half earlier.

However, this is not an article for them, but for you who are looking for gifts 10 days before Christmas. Don't worry, there are always trinkets to be found or order at the last minute. And maybe they are not what someone specifically needs, but everyone looks forward to them.

5 perfect gifts for the better half

Did someone say that women are difficult? We are sure that they will list them for you in five seconds five perfect gifts. They see most of them on Instagram, and most often include them cosmetics, clothing or fashion accessories.

They are for women ideal soft gifts (although they also like mobile phones and tablets ).

Poklon za žene: šal1. Warm set

Scarf, gloves and braided headband. They are very popular at the moment and you can choose from many models with or without decorations. With a warm band that covers the ears, warm knitted scarf and matching gloves they are the perfect choice for your sweetheart.


Poklon za ženu: kozmetika2. Cosmetics

In fact, whatever the good aunts at the drugstore suggest, your sweetie will love it. We'll just whisper yes younger people prefer make-up products and boosters, and those a little more mature eye cream or lifting products.

Poklon za ženu: torba3. Fashion accessories

Whichever Fashion accessory you choose, the woman will like it. But if you want to go to 100%, new purse is a good choice. In addition to the bag, they are also popular recently backpacks which are actually very practical especially for women with children.


Poklon za ženu: mirisna svijeća4. Scented candle

Ok, it's clear to you that you won't get away with this gift alone, but we're sure you will the fairer sex likes to smell nice, also stay in a fragrant space. For this occasion, choose Christmas scented candles - marshmallow cookie, pepperoni or apple with cinnamon.

Poklon za ženu: šalica5. Cup

You might have thought it was a joke at the beginning of the article, but we're actually serious. Such an extravagant gift can still make everyone happy. A mug with a message or some Christmas pattern it's actually a great gift, especially for women who love coffee. Put it in a cup her favorite chocolate bars or 3 in 1 coffee. Or both.


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5 perfect gifts for the stronger half

The stronger sex (or the one with stronger muscles and a dangerous chin) is actually much harder to please than women. What do today's men do? They love sports and play sports. They like to look beautiful and to be noticed. Their list may not be from Instagram, but it will be practical.

When shopping for a man, tact should always be useful gift. Although there is nothing your man really wants, the list of what he needs is actually very long.

Poklon za muškarca: novčanik1. Wallet

Men do not guard their wallets.. They are most often carried in their back pocket and they are easily destroyed. The benefits you should pay attention to the shopping for men wallets are - leather and the color that your loved one likes and the compartment for coins. That is supposedly a very important detail.


Poklon za muškarca-ruksak2. Sports backpack

The stronger half always needs something for encouraging his hobby or lifestyle. If it's a gym, he'll be delighted with a new backpack in which he will be able to pack all the necessary equipment.

Poklon za muškarca: čarape3. Suit socks

We are sure that you regularly trip over your man's socks, but also that you always hear the question "where are my socks?". A few more won't hurt because in the world of men there are never enough of them. Nicely packed in a metal box they really are perfect gift.


4. Beard grooming set

What's a man without a mustache, right? For breeders of beautiful and neat beards razor, scissors and clippers are the perfect gift. Generally, if his wish list is empty, care set it always makes sense as a gift.


Poklon za muškarca: prijenosni punjač5. Portable mobile phone charger

You've had enough excuses, for the empty battery on the mobile phone? Try solving the portable charger thing. It is also a great gift for yours “wireless travelers” for whom the wire is always an enemy on a business or tourist trip.


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5 perfect gifts for mom and grandma

Christmas is the ideal time to thank those who have been with you since you existed. These are the ones who have never rejected you and always would made your wildest wish come true. Give thanks to mom and dad, grandma and grandpa that they have been there for you in the past years as well. It will cheer them up chocolate or caramel candies, and if they help you in the kitchen or work around the house, thank them in an appropriate way.

Poklon za mamu i baku: rukavice protiv opeklina1. Baking gloves

The one who is lucky enough to have a grandmother or mother pop in on Sunday lunch or they have the privilege of enjoying their delicacies every day, they can for Christmas to thank those dear hands. With gloves that protect against burns you can also donate a cooking set or that pot from the TV commercial.


Poklon za mamu i baku: držač šalica DIY2. DIY coffee cup holder

Moms and grandmas know well how valuable it is a gift you make yourself. No one will be so grateful for “do-it-yourself” Christmas present, like mothers and grandmothers. Cup holder for coffee is not the only such gift. On Pinterestu there are countless such ideas. 

Poklon za mamu i baku: kupka3. Bathing set

On cold winter days, after a hard day, moms and grandmas they deserve a warm bath. A set of scent bombs that foam when you drop them into a bathtub full of water will surely cheer them up. Along with a scented bath, get candles to create the atmosphere in the bathroom maximally relaxed.


Poklon za mamu i baku: tople čizme

4. Warm noises

Winter can be quite cold, and circulation is poor. Feet and fingers get cold most often. And so that your dear mothers and grandmothers are not cold, choose warm boots or boots. In addition, shoes are always a good gift for women, regardless of whether it is winter or summer.

5. Sewing set

Mothers and grandmothers are also there when something needs to be sewn. Take a look inside their "magic box" with threads, needles and buttons and check if anything is missing. Or simply create a new supply that you expand with aids that will make their sewing job easier.


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5 perfect gifts for dad and grandpa

1. Foot warmer

It's best when smart gift you can give it to someone who is over 60 years old. One of such gifts are heating blankets or socks which you can electronically controlled. Older people are always cold, and with these smart gifts they will sleep better in winter.


2. A multipurpose tool

What every dexterous person would do Dad and Grandpa needed a multi-tool with which he will fix almost every piece in the house. An ideal copy should contain a screwdriver, but also a bottle opener .



3. DIY wine bottle holder

As if moms and grandmas deserve a DIY cup holder, so do dads and grandpas. Wine bottle holder. This task is reserved for creative and dexterous in the family and it is full of them on Pinterest. For those who are a little less creative, they certainly exist finished copies.


4. Shoe maintenance set

When men choose shoes always they pay attention to quality and most of the time it is not difficult for them set aside money for a good leather pair. Such shoes should always be neat and polished, so it will a set containing a sponge and an impregnation spray be the perfect gift for every brave man.


5. Cookbook for meat

No, this idea didn't accidentally wander onto the list of gifts for dad and grandpa. A cookbook that includes recipes from marinating to preparing different types of meat it is ideal for barbecue masters, and will help in case mom or grandma is not at home.

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5 perfect gifts for kids

Of course we have not forgotten about those who they are most happy with Christmas presents. List of gifts for the youngest in the family it depends if they were good the past year. Sometimes they help wish lists or letters to Santa Claus, and these are the top 5 gifts intended for all those who love their little ones they want to surprise.

1. Christmas one-piece pajamas

On the list of perfect gifts for little ones, there is not much room for soft gifts, and pajamas in the shape of Santa Claus, a room or a snowman are actually the only ones on their wish list. Imagine the kids asleep under the light of Christmas lights dressed in these ridiculous suits. Too cute, isn't it?

2. Social game

On cold winter days there is nothing better than play a game of board game with brothers and sisters. In addition to spending quality time, social games help in cognitive development of children, but they also prepare children for a future life in which it is important to learn lose and win.

3. Bluetooth speaker

On the list for the little ones, the most exciting ones are those gifts that include marvels of technology. Today, to listen to music, you only need one Bluetooth speaker. In addition to enabling connection with a mobile phone and listening to your favorite songs, they usually include LED lights for a complete disco experience. 

4. LED hoverboard

That LED lights are popular is also proven by the hit that has been reigning among young people for some time. Hoverboard or self-balancing scooter helps maintain balance and improves motor skills. It is often equipped with just that bluetooth speaker and LED lights. 

5. Retro popcorn machine

Some will watch popular Christmas movie hits like "Home Alone" for the first time, and some already know all the scenes by heart. It doesn't matter, because it will retro popcorn machine turn this special holiday season into pure fun.


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