Brushed leather this year is a real hit.


Can be seen on  purses, wallets,jackets, pants and of course - shoes.

But when it comes to maintenance  shoe made of brushed leather many will agree as it is is a very demanding job.

Because no matter what the quality,  no pair of shoes  of this very sensitive material  will not experience the next season if we do not care about themin the right way.

Well here we are again heroes in trouble and we bring you some tips how is yours  demanding shoes  keep in top form smiley

1. Waterproof

If you have just decided to take out  your shoes off from the locker or just from the buyer , it is good to protect them with a spray for impregnation before you wear them for the first time.

In this way shoes will be resistant to rain  which this year will not stop , and your feet will be warm and dry.


After application of the impregnation agent, dry your shoes at room temperature.

2. Brush

Brushed leather after long wearing  knows how to look crushed i worn, and dust is hunted like crazy.

To regain their initial glow take a toothbrush and gently rub the shoes in the opposite direction of the little hair . 


Shoes should be  completely dry , and do not go with the brush back and forth. Always brush in the same direction 

and the shoes will look like new after the first treatment.

3. Scratch

If it tortures you to have darker and deeper prints on shoes,  walk to the kitchen and take a little bit of a a dhollow knife.

It is easy to handle the problem area.

4. Wipe 

As her name just says,  the eraser will erase almost every stain on the crusted skin. And yes, you understand well. We mean that ordinary thing a school you can buy at any store  smiley

Eraser gently rub the staini shake the bits of your with your hand.

5. Scratch

Nail Files & Emery Boards is excellent for removing mud stains. Before you start scraping the dirty area, wait for the mud to dry completely, otherwise you'll just spread the stain.

Take the nail bar and scrape the stain until the mud turns to powder. To get rid of muddy powder residue.

Use a toothbrush or lightly blow off your shoes.

6. Sand it down

Sounds weird, but sandpaper is one of the most effective ways to remove dark spots and stains from mud.

This is actually a type of solid paper and you will need a weaker grade of supercritical grit sandpaper in this case. For example granulation 800, 1000 and more, and the cleaning process is the same as nail clippers.

7. A gentle shampoo

A good hair shampoo or shower gel is helpful as a first aid in removing greasy stains.

Mix a few drops of shampoo with warm water and soak the sponge.

Drain it as best you can and wipe the shoes.

Then air dry them, but not in the sun.

If the stains don't go away after the first wash, try washing several times before giving up.


8. Normal water

Brushed leather it is also water sensitive and even the smallest drop will leave a stubborn stain on the shoe. 

It may sound paradoxical, but to get rid of the water stain, all you have to do is soak your shoes with water, but in the right way smiley

Apply a thin layer of water to your shoes with a brush or cotton cloth. Brushed leather will darken, but don't worry because it's quite normal.


After that, dry a sponge or cloth on the shoes until the excess water is not absorbed and the traces of stains have not disappeared.

To get the excess water in and on the inside of the shoes, embed paper or paper towels inside.

Avoid paper because it would be ink with the paper that could copy it onto the shoes.

Allow to dry and prominently dry overnight and finish by rubbing with a toothbrush to restore its original appearance.

9. Apple Cider Vinegar

Take apple or white vinegar and dip it in a cotton cloth or towel and gently rub the stain. When the shoe is dry, rub it with a brush  smiley

This method is also good for Remove salt traces on winter days.

And don't worry, apple cider vinegar won't stain your shoes.

10. Freezer

When you're there boots by accident ran into chewing gum gives them during the night put in the freezer. Then remove the hardened chewing gum from the shoes and finally brush them with a brush.

11. Steam your shoes

Hold the clothes iron above the shoes und dampfen sie gut. The heat will open the pores on polished skin, so it will be easier to get rid of stains. Then, using a brush, sandpaper or a nail file, rub the stain until you remove it.

We hope that one of these tips will help you and make your sanded shoes look like new smiley

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