How much all stars converse you have in the closet? And what were your first all stars converse ? Those older than 30 must remember to be in the seventh or eighth grade of elementary school pulling old men on their sleeves to buy them high red or black all stars converse

All star Converse sneakers   or as we call them in Croatia - starke.The simplest canvas shoes that exist .Since the day we pulled the sleeve's parents to buy us red or black on the Croatian market appeared in all possible colors and designs.

They are the most versatile model of tennis shoes that fit into the style of every punk or metal, but also makeup and athlete.

All star sneakers were first produced almost 100 years ago,  already now 1920.

One century of wearing these sneakers has created a pile of stories around them. We bring you a few.

1. Starke were basketball shoes

Starke was one of the first tennis players designed for sports activities. Today you will surely be surprised and coaches will shake your head if you decide to train in the all star sneakers, but 100 years ago, these were the shoes for professionals.


Very soon after being presented to the public, the socks became the number one basketball shoes in America , and by the end of the forties of the last century most of the professional basketball players wore starke.


During the 1960s, 90 percent of professional basketball players and those who competed in the US student league were wearing starke.

The last basketball player who wore the al stasr sneakers at the game was Tree Rollins. That was 1979, at a time when NBA professionals were already available for more stable models. 

2. Chuck Taylor, basketball player and coach

Chuck Taylor, the person whose name on all All Star converse shoes since the beginning was a protective face of starki. N

was not just a salesman, but a professional basketball player and a coach.  In the twentieth century, he traveled to the United States and held basketball camps.The sticker with his name started to dress up in 1932.


3. American soldiers trained in all stars sneakers

Boots were in the first place, and the all stars sneakers on the other.During the Second World War, footwear was required for American all stars sneakers.

4. holes for air were added in 1932.

all stars sneakers are really lightweight and airy sneakers.

Bijele niske converse all star tenisice
holes for air were added 1932. godine



One of the two classic holes on sneakers was added only in 1932 when a label with Chuck Taylor.

5 .By the end of World War II- black

Until the end of the Second World War the all stars sneakers came in one color - black.Everything was black: canvas, shoelace, and tire.

6. The original design has not changed since 1949.

Today, all stars sneakers look almost identical to those in the late 1950s.

Dizajn osnovnih modela starki nije se mijenjao od 1949.
The original design has not changed since  1949.


In 1949, Converse made some major changes to the design for the last time, after which he changed the minimum. Of course, we are talking about some basic models.

7. Colors are added 1971.

Until 1971, it was easy to choose the all stars  sneakers: they were black and white, tall or low. 1971.Converse added different colors, just at the time of the hippie movement.The first colorful starke were golden, green, orange, red, blue and light blue.

8.  Rocky Balboa wore all stars  sneakers

You know that scene from Rocky when Rocky jumps and jumps up the stairs of Philadelphia and work out?  Do you know he wears all stars converse sneakers? Well, then carry them. The film is from 1970. , when all the stars of converse sneakers were for athletes.

9.Conversations are punk sneakers

The Converse of the seventies did not intend to make part of the punk image, no they have become. The 70s were worn by the Ramones in the United States, and in the UK by Sex Pistolsi.

Last year, in honor of 40 years of punk rock, Converse launched the line of Sex Pistols (with time they started to like paddle pads).

10. Every 43 seconds someone buys a couple of starkies

Every 43 seconds someone buys a couple of converse! Can not believe it? Are you sure?Look around you the second time you walk down the street. Everyone has at least one pair

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